Bubbling Toilets and What They Mean

October 8, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

Plumbing is a complicated field of expertise. Most homes have different piping networks, so plumbers must have a vast amount of knowledge to deal with such variations. Each home is wired differently, with some being more challenging than others. Plumbers in Fort Worth typically deal with various pipe networks that can be challenging to handle via DIY methods. 

Sometimes, plumbing contractors get calls about bubbling toilets while running the shower. While bubbling in the toilet may look like a funny thing, this often indicates a blockage in the pipes. A plumbing system is the vein network that expels waste and circulates the water sources in different rooms in a home. Water pipes supply sinks, toilets, and shower fixtures with clean water, while waste pipes bring used up water away. 

When this happens, you will want a plumbing company in Fort Worth to look at your pipes’ status. By understanding the network that is found within your walls, you’ll understand how these instances occur. 

A Quick 101 On Plumbing Systems

There are three types of plumbing pipes. The first is the water feed type that brings clean water into the fixture. The second is the waste drains that expel waste products away. The third type is the air and gas plumbing vents. They run to different household items and fixtures, such as sinks, showers, toilets, garbage disposal units, washing machines, and dishwashers. 

If you want to understand the ways plumbers make judgments about an error, you’ll have to know basic physics laws. The three big ones utilized in the field are gravity, water pressure, and air pressure. Disparities in these cause many plumbing problems and damages. 

What Happens With a Bubbling Toilet

A bubbling toilet that occurs after running water on another fixture can indicate a blocked or damaged pipe in the drain line. When this happens, it is usually a predecessor of a giant backup of a sewage line that can cause nasty problems inside your home. A plumbing professional can inspect some parts of your drain, but here is a little bit of information on these clogs:


  • Vent Clogs


Vents are specialized pipes that run from the drain line to the roof. These allow the sewer gases to expel and invite air inside the drain line. By doing so, the attached P-trap does not lose all the water it holds, which keeps the sewage scents contained. Different debris clogs many of these drains, which can cause backups in the drainage lines. 


  • Drainage Clogs


With negative air pressure being forced back up the line due to a closed up sewer pipe, this can cause the toilet to bubble as a release mechanism. This pressure can cause severe damages if not treated immediately. 


  • Plumbing Construction Is Poorly Done


When a plumbing system is poorly done in a new home or a bathroom renovation, some contractors can forget to install vents or other proper pipes. The lack of technical knowledge can often lead to installation mistakes, which a professional plumber can manage best. 

Fixing The Bubbling Issue

The first step is checking your local area for any possible collective clogging issues. If your neighbors are experiencing similar problems, then it may be a municipal sewer line problem. Some DIY methods exist, such as using duct tape to cap off drains and plunge the toilet with force, but plumbers do not recommend trying these due to their failure rates. Having a professional check the vent stacks on the roof to see if there is a clog is the best way to manage drainage issues. 


Having a working drainage system is essential in expelling waste from your home. When these develop blockages, they can cause nasty odors and pipe damages, as well as interior water damage issues. To prevent these from worsening, Texan residents can hire a professional plumber in Fort Worth to assist. 

Lasiter is a premium plumbing company in Fort Worth, Texas with over 40 years of experience in the industry. For plumbing emergencies that can occur at any time of the day, month, or year, call us to resolve your issues with our 24/7 services. Contact us today to keep your home’s piping in good condition. 


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