3 Causes of Plumbing Leaks Fort Worth Homeowners Should Know

Many homeowners today are exposed to different types of problems that they’ll need to take on at various points throughout their experience.

With a wide range of difficulties and lead times, every hurdle you’ll come across when working on your home is unique to the point that proper education is essential. Amongst all the different factors that you’ll need to consider when handling problems that come up, however, plumbing leaks are one particular obstacle that’s bound to come up more often than most.

A household problem on a grand scale

Every year, the number of plumbing leak cases in Fort Worth (and all of America) continues to grow and affect more and more households because of three factors:

  • Plumbing systems that age over time
  • Improper maintenance procedures
  • A lack of knowledge on what to watch out for

While it may be clear that household leaks happen more than they should, many homeowners still don’t know exactly what causes them in the first place. You might be thinking that nothing should be wrong because you didn’t damage it, but the truth is that this problem has more causes than you might expect.

What many homeowners need to know about their own plumbing system issues is that they’re often caused by wear-and-tear that happens over time. Fortunately, preventing and fixing these leaks can be done by knowing a few essential pieces of knowledge.

What causes pipes to leak in the first place?

Pipes are bound to leak, it’s just a matter of knowing what’s speeding up or slowing down the process in the first place. Certain events—which are also called “initial prompts”—act as a precursor to a full-blown leak and are often seen in the following problems:

1. Broken seals

In most cases, your home’s appliances seals take in more water than they should to the point that they break after quite a bit of use. Once these seals break, the water that’s supposed to flow right into your appliance leaks out instead. This is what creates a problem that gradually grows worse.

2. Corrosion

One unavoidable problem that any plumbing system is bound to run into is having the inside of pipe walls rust or corrode over time. For homes that tend to have a bigger flow of hard water, in particular, this problem can easily come up far quicker than expected because of calcification that leads to even more corrosion. By the time the corrosion gets to the point of no return, the pipes themselves can no longer handle the pressure of the water flowing through them. This results in a leak coming from the corroded area of the system.

3. Clogs

Similar to corrosions, clogs can lead to leaks in a home’s plumbing system by causing pressure to build up to the point of a complete tear-down. Clogs can also lead to more catastrophic results because they weaken the pipes over time and cause a burst if one isn’t careful.


Regardless of what type of home you have or how many people are in it, plumbing leaks can easily prove to be a problem that will grow into a bigger issue over time if its causes aren’t properly curbed. By watching out for the three signs mentioned above and calling your local plumber for a regular inspection, you can save yourself much time, money, and stress!

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