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January 28, 2021by Lasiter & Lasiter

Installing a plumbing system for toilets is a question that plumbers around the world ask every day. When planning for a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, it is important to select the right contractor and the right plumbing system for the job. Installing faulty systems or pipes, leaking faucets, and clogged drains can cost the homeowner more in repairs. How to install a plumbing system for toilets can save you money in the long run. Here are some tips from experts that can help you when choosing a contractor. read more


January 28, 2021by Lasiter & Lasiter

What would a plumbing system look like without the function of plumbing vents? If your plumbers weren’t there to fix those problems when they first started happening, what would they be doing when the problem got out of hand, and then they had to replace the whole thing? Without them, a well-functioning kitchen and bathroom would have no other option but to be shut down until the repair completion.

So what happens when pipes clog plumbing vents?

How do you know if your plumbing vents are currently clogging? What needs to be done when your plumbing service cannot install plumbing on your house’s upstairs floors? Here are some things that you need to know about the installation of a washing machine vent: read more


January 15, 2021by Lasiter & Lasiter

Pumping Your Septic Tank?

Pumping and cleaning your septic tank is a significant step when it comes to proper sewage disposal. Failure to address this issue could lead to unpleasant consequences for your property, such as having your septic system fail. The best way to avoid all these undesirable outcomes is by learning how to pump your own septic tank. Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Authority (DFWMBA) has several different resources to help you learn how to do this. Here are some tips to help you on your way:

The DFWMBA website offers a variety of different articles on how to clean out your septic tank. One such article titled “Tips on How Should You Pump a Septic Tank?” explains in detail how you should go about it depending on the type of system you have. For example, if your septic is treated with a special bacterial treatment, you will need to remove the top layer of sludge using a pumping station before starting with the cleaning process. On the other hand, if your septic is treated with a natural bacterial treatment, you will not have to remove the top layers of sludge yourself as these can be passed down the system. read more


January 6, 2021by Lasiter & Lasiter

Plumbing issues can cause headaches, especially if it goes on for a long time without being solved. Not only would you no longer have access to the bathroom, but there’s also possible for water damage and other unhygienic circumstances developing. To avoid any of these unpleasant situations, you could call a plumber to help solve your problem. Here are some common plumbing issues that you should know about.


One of the most common plumbing issues to happen is a running toilet or dripping faucet. The toilet would usually overflow after some time, especially if you have a huge household. To avoid the situation from getting worse, get a drain stopper and put it over the overflow. You can then turn the water off to the main sewer line. Call a plumber to get help with this plumbing issue. read more


December 24, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

Leak Repair is a term used by many plumbers and roofers to describe repairing a pipe, fixture, or panel that has been compromised by water. In the case of roof leaks, when this water penetrates the building’s roofing materials, it can cause a collapse shingles and roofs. This is commonly seen as a bald spot on the top or in the garage. In the case of a leaking basement, the water will fill up the basement and cause problems with the foundation.

There are many different types of leaks that can occur on any kind of building or plumbing system. One way to identify leaks is through the use of a home inspection service or a licensed contractor. If you have these professionals perform an inspection on your property, you can gain important information about the present plumbing system. Some common signs of leaks include excess water dripping from the drains and pipes, visible damage in the wall, and cracks in drywall or sheetrock. read more


December 17, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

Is it safe to use chemical drain cleaners? The answer depends on a few factors. First of all, you should understand that Texas does not regulate the use of chemicals on septic systems. The only way to be sure that you are using the right chemical washer is to call your local health department.

If you use a good brand of chemical drain cleaners, you should have no family safety problems. Keep in mind that you should never use anything that has ammonia in it. Ammonia can be hazardous. You should also be careful that the chemical you are using is the correct one for your system. Even if you read on the bottle for a certain kind of drain system, it may still be dangerous to use the wrong chemical. read more


November 26, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

If you’re looking for DIY Plumbing Repairs to save money or get it done correctly, then you need to read this article! It will teach you the best way to save money and do it right. 

But first, let’s learn about what plumbing services can cost you. You’ll then learn about DIY plumbing repairs and how they can save you money and time in the future.

Many plumbers advertise on local radio stations, TV, newspapers, and even online, and most often, the costs are way over your budget! So if you’re looking for the best way to save money, you have to read this article. In it, you’ll learn about DIY plumbing repairs, how much money you can spend, and the things you should and shouldn’t use to fix your plumbing. read more


October 19, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

The growth of mold and mildew in your bathrooms is almost unavoidable. This is because your bathroom serves as the perfect haven for fungi to grow and thrive because of the room’s temperatures and moisture levels.  

Areas in your bathroom and plumbing are often where mold and mildew start to generate and form. Sadly, if you don’t control their growth, it may spread through the walls, vents, and other parts of your home. This may cause damage to your plumbing, leading you to ask for assistance from a licensed plumber. Besides damaged pipes, mold and mildew can trigger severe health conditions as well.  read more


October 8, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

Plumbing is a complicated field of expertise. Most homes have different piping networks, so plumbers must have a vast amount of knowledge to deal with such variations. Each home is wired differently, with some being more challenging than others. Plumbers in Fort Worth typically deal with various pipe networks that can be challenging to handle via DIY methods. 

Sometimes, plumbing contractors get calls about bubbling toilets while running the shower. While bubbling in the toilet may look like a funny thing, this often indicates a blockage in the pipes. A plumbing system is the vein network that expels waste and circulates the water sources in different rooms in a home. Water pipes supply sinks, toilets, and shower fixtures with clean water, while waste pipes bring used up water away.  read more


October 1, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

If there are no bursts in the pipes, water pressure issues, or otherwise any noticeable plumbing problems, people tend not to worry about their home’s plumbing system. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t problems waiting to happen later on! 

Preventive maintenance is the smartest move you can make since it can prevent unnecessary repairs and replacements, extend the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures, and lower your utility bills. Not only is it possible to save on costs, but certain adjustments can make home plumbing more efficient, too! read more