10 Fall Decor Ideas

September 4, 2021by Lasiter & Lasiter0

Saturday marks the official start of fall. Most of us at our cooling and heating company love the cooler temperatures. We thought it would be good to share some decor ideas that will add warmth and coziness to your home.

Rustic touches

For rustic accents that are quick and easy, fill a large glass bowl filled with pine cones, colored leaves, and pheasant plumes. You can arrange the pine cones in a pyramid shape and then layer the feathers and leaves over them. For a more striking centerpiece, line the bowl with pine cones. Then arrange the feathers and leaves in a central place. It can add acorns to the bowl!

Glass Gourds

Fill glass cake stands of different sizes (completely covered with dome tops) with gourds in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This is a great way to display the festive fruits and can also be used as a mantlepiece.

Mason Jar Sconces

You can make sconces quickly and easily by filling a few jars with votive candles, either real or battery-operated. Install cup hooks on the ceiling, and then attach twine to each jar. To add warmth and light to the room, suspend the “sconces,” which can be suspended from the ceiling.

Votive Mantlepieces

You can gather a few votive candle holders that are festive in gold, orange, and red. Next, collect some outside leaves that have changed color. Wrap a piece or two of twine around each votive holder to keep them in place. Place one or two small white pumpkins over each votive holder and arrange them on your mantle (as shown in the photo to the right).

Pumpkin tealights

Make mini pumpkins into holiday candle holders. Use a knife or a pencil to trace the bottom of the tealight around the pumpkin’s top. To ensure that the tealight fits comfortably, make sure the opening is slightly larger than the trace. You’re done!

Warm Accents

You can replace any summery blankets or pillows that you have on neutral-colored furniture, such as couches, loveseats, and chairs, with pillows and blankets of warm colors.

Crabapple Branches

Crabapples are in season in the fall (September to October), so you can add a beautiful fall accent to any room in your home with crabapple branches. You can remove a few branches, but only the small fruits. Place a few branches in clear glass vases and fill them with water. For extra warmth, you can dye the water orange or red.

Painted Pumpkins

They don’t last long and are very labor-intensive to carve. Instead, get a few pumpkins in good shape and paint them with fall colors and patterns. For a touch fall, place them on your porch or stoop.

Apple Centerpiece

A table centerpiece is a great way to show off your home when you are entertaining. You can make a festive centerpiece by filling a basket full of small apples (red-green, yellow, or mixed), walnuts, and acorns. Each item can be arranged in a row to provide structure, or you can mix them to create a centerpiece that looks like a cornucopia.


What do you get if you cross a mum and a pumpkin? A mumkin! You can make decorative “pots” to give mums by carving pumpkins and placing them in containers with colorful mums. For a welcoming appearance, place them along the steps leading to your front door.

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