5 Ways To Explain Your Hot Water System’s Subpar Performance – What to Know

March 19, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

Hot water is essential to modern daily living. Most people, if not all, have hot water systems installed in their homes. However, there are times when the water system takes too long to heat up. When that happens, you’re wasting precious time as you wait and stare at the bathroom ceiling. 

To fix this problem, you need to know the factors that influence the heating capacity of your hot water system. Here the five ways to explain your hot water system’s subpar performance.

1 – Your heater and outlets are too far apart

When your water heater is too distant from the outlet you want hot water to flow, it will take more time to get there. Similarly, if the distance is shorter, hot water can flow faster.

2 – Your outlets have low volume restrictors

Some water fixtures contain a low volume restrictor which restricts the delivery of water. Switch to a different installation with a wider restrictor.

3 – Your system is defective

Water heaters have a lifespan too. If your water heater has been serving you for over a decade, consider replacing it with a brand new one. It is best if you hire a professional plumber to check your heater’s current state and determine whether you need a water heater replacement.

4 – Your system has water flow obstructions caused by sediment

Water contains dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can build-up at the bottom of the tank near the heating element. This blockade prevents the efficient heat transfer of the heat to the water, slowing the production of hot water. Call for professional help to help remove the sediment build-up in your tank.

5 – Your water heater capacity is insufficient

Your current water heater might have been purchased at a time when your family was still small. Perhaps it was just you and your spouse. Now, you have two or three kids that share the same hot water system. Although your hot water system might offer the same benefits for the first and second users of the bathroom, it does not guarantee the same experience for others. A water heater upgrade is the best course of action in this scenario. 

Improving Your Hot Water System

If you’re looking to enjoy warm water without dealing with the inconsistency of a malfunctioning system, you may want to think about an update. Here are two you can consider:


Hot Water Recirculation System


A hot water recirculation system reduces the volume of spent water while you’re waiting for it to heat. Aside from transporting water from the water heater to the outlet more quickly, it also recirculates the remaining water back to the heater to keep it hot.


Tankless Water Heater


A tankless water heater grants you an unlimited supply of hot water since it doesn’t use a container like tanks to contain or heat water. In a tankless water system, water passes directly over a heating element and immediately becomes hot water. Since there isn’t nearly as much wasted hot water, you’ll be saving energy costs and ensuring everyone in the household has hot water to use!


Every home needs a reliable hot water system to fulfill their necessities. With newer technologies emerging, you may want to consider replacing your old hot water system to save on energy utilities while getting an improved warm water experience. 

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