6 Vital Steps to Take When Dealing With a Burst Water Pipe – Our Guide

August 20, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

When a water pipe bursts in your home, it’s easy to go into full panic mode. However, nothing ever good comes out when you panic because it can even make the situation worse. The best step is to stay calm and know the necessary steps you need to take to handle the situation well. Remember, a burst pipe can do significant damage to the property, so you have to know how to manage it properly. 

In this article, we will share six vital steps that you should take when dealing with a burst water pipe:

  • Perform a Quick Inspection

Before you go into full panic mode, pause for a minute, and perform a quick inspection of the situation. If you can’t identify where the burst came from, rest assured that your plumber will be able to do so. The reason you should do a quick inspection is to save you and your plumber more time to fix the issue. 

  • Turn off the Main Water Valve

Remember to turn off the main water supply, or the water will keep flowing and potentially flood the area. Once you turn this off, the leak from the burst pipe should stop quickly, and this is when you call a plumber to have it looked at. 

  • Drain the Water from the Pipes

While you wait for the plumber, run the taps and flush the toilets to clear any remaining water in the pipes. In doing so, the leaking will completely stop and will give your plumber an easier time to navigate the issue. After that, make sure to turn off the taps after the water has stopped. 

  • Try and Repair the Pipe

If you manage to find the problem during your quick inspection and have the skills to do minor repairs, such as sealing off a small crack, you can try to do so. Simply put a pipe sealant to fill the crack, and you’re all set. Just be careful when tightening the nuts that connect the channels because over-tightening them could lead to future leaks. 

  • Get Rid Of Liquid Waste

It’s possible that you have a significant amount of liquid waste to take care of. Get rid of it as soon as possible because letting it sit for too long may cause more damage to your property. If you are able to clear the waste quickly, you will allow the area to dry off quickly.

  • Call a Plumber

As mentioned several times, when it comes to major repairs, it is always best to let a plumber handle it on your behalf. Even if you think that you have the skills to repair your channels, when the problem is in the main pipes, they are more complicated to repair because of its size. Moreover, if the problem is with channels that are located underground or within your walls or ceilings, the expert will be able to get the job done effectively and efficiently. 


When you are dealing with a burst pipe at home, you now know the six essential steps you should take to assess and control the situation. For the most part, you will need to call a plumber. Nevertheless, as you wait for the expert to arrive, performing these steps will help save your property from further damage and lessen the panic and anxiety that comes with it. 

If you have a burst water pipe at home and are looking for a licensed plumber in Fort Worth, our experts at Lasiter will ease your worries. We are a reputable plumbing company that offers quality and affordable leak detection services, pipe and sewer repairs, and drain cleaning services. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


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