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January 29, 2016by Lasiter & Lasiter

To be a successful company every organization needs a leader with vision, drive, and adavid and cindy lasiter commitment to hard work. Lasiter & Lasiter Plumbing was established by David Lasiter in 1974, but the journey to be an entrepreneur exhibiting those qualities began long before that.
I recently sat down with Mr. Lasiter to hear the details of that journey.

MG: When did you go into the plumbing industry?

DL: I started at age 13 as a worker in the warehouse for Pettyjohn Plumbing during the summer. During my junior and senior years in high school, I went out into the field to be a plumber’s helper through a work program at school. College was a busy time for me going to class from 7a.m. to 12 p.m. then working from noon till my work was done for the day.

MG: Did you always know you wanted to own your own company?

DL: Yes- I always wanted to be my own boss.

MG: Your bio states that you began your company in 1974 with $100 in your pocket and your tools in the back of your 1972 Monte Carlo. What was the vision you had for Lasiter & Lasiter as a 20 year old business owner?

DL: I wanted to be the biggest, baddest plumber in town! As I have grown older I have changed that desire to be an honest businessman providing quality service.

MG: How many employees did you have in the beginning?

DL: I was a one man show until 1975 when I hired an apprentice. My grandmother helped me out volunteering to be my receptionist.

MG: Was the company name always Lasiter & Lasiter?

DL: Yes… originally I chose that name to represent my wife and I. In 1978 my dad, Charlie Lasiter, obtained his license and joined me. He retired in 1999.

lasiter family portrait MG: Construction has had many ups and downs. How have you remained an industry leader during those unsure times?

DL: Quality workmanship and service has always been a core value of mine. I also enjoy a good working relationship with my builders. First and foremost however, I know without a doubt that God is in control and I have given my business to him.

MG: What do you see ahead for Lasiter & Lasiter?

DL: I see a focus on residential repair and remodeling in addition to the new construction we have always had. Our commitment to service and meeting our customer’s needs are going to be our first priority!


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