Avoid Putting These Foods Down the Drain

September 7, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter

Food Down the Drain

What Foods Shouldn’t You Put Down Your Drain?

There are many times when you might consider putting old bits of food waste down your drain. Seeing how easy it can be to clear that out instead of putting it in the trash, you might assume it would be found for you to add stuff in your kitchen drain.

But there are some foods that you must avoid putting in your drain. These are foods and other compounds that will damage your drains and make the worst situations surrounding how well your drain is working even more difficult or troubling to handle.

List of Foods to Avoid

The following guide includes points on foods that may clog your drain. These are going to produce many long-term threats and should be avoided as well as possible:

Cooking Oils – Cooking oils can solidify and clog pipes. The unsavory scents will make things worse. Dispose of your oils in the trash.

Butter and margarine – Both can also solidify and get into your pipes. The butter material can resist water as well. This should also be disposed of in the trash.

Grease – Grease and any other fat-materials should be thrown in the trash as well. Fat materials can resist moisture and will stick around in your plumbing system for a while, not to mention they might produce annoying scents.

Eggshells –  Eggshells can take a while to break down. These can also hurt any grinding features in your drain disposal. Eggshells are better suited for compost.

Coffee Grounds – Coffee grounds are also ideal for compost. Grounds are not going to break apart well, plus they can stick around even when there’s lots of water moving all around.

Cooked Pasta – Pasta can expand when it is exposed to water. The pasta can stick and clog your pipes and drain. The same can also be said for rice.

Flour – Flour can expand when in contact with water. The potential for flour to expand while inside your pipes can produce a significant threat.

Skins – Produce skins and rinds should be composted. These are very bulky and can harm your drainage system. Any stickers on your produce can also clog up a pipe and stick on the end, so be sure to avoid adding those to your drain too.

All of these items can stick around your pipes and clog your system. These clogs are more likely to develop on bends and curves around your system, although they may still appear just about anywhere in your home.

Clean Out Your Drain Immediately

You’ll have to ensure these are cleaned out as soon as possible to prevent potential threats from becoming worse than expected. This is to keep your work under control without possible harm. Our experts at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing will help you with cleaning your drains if you ever come across any issues surrounding these items.

You can reach us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you ever need help with whatever it is you need for your plumbing needs. We’ll ensure that your work is managed well and that there will not be any problems involved with the work at hand.


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