Leaky Pipes – What’s the Cause?

December 28, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter

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What Causes Leaks to Develop In Your Home?

Water leaks can be annoying and tough to find around your home. These leaks can keep your water system from functioning correctly. It may be time for leaky pipe repair services.

Your water bills may also rise, as you are using more water than necessary due to all that water flowing out of your setup. Multiple points can cause leaks to develop around your home. You’ll have to consider these places if you find any problems surrounding how well your water setup functions.

Seals Breaking

A seal is a material that goes over your pipes and connectors in your plumbing setup. Seals will prevent water from coming out, plus they keep the connections in place. Those seals are not going to last forever, as the pressure from your water setup can cause them to wear out. Eventually, you will develop a leak from one of these seals.

Corroded Pipes

The pipes around your plumbing setup may also develop corrosion. The corrosion occurs when minerals and other items go through your pipes. The worst part about corrosion is that it can come from minerals well outside your property. Sometimes the natural aging process will make the concern harder to manage than you might expect to find.

High Water Pressure

Water pressure levels in your home can be a threat. While you might enjoy high pressure in your shower, that excess pressure can become a problem if not handled well enough. Your plumbing system will develop fatigue from all that pressure. The wear can cause your pipes and seals to break apart faster than what you might expect.

Outside Trees

Tree roots are necessary for supporting trees, but they can also harm your plumbing setup. Roots can break apart your pipes and cause them to shift after a while. In some cases, a leak is identified by noting wet spots and excess grass growth in certain areas. These are places where leaks might develop due to tree roots encroaching on your space.

Temperature Shifts

Significant temperature changes can be a problem. Your pipes can expand and contract when the weather conditions change throughout the year. These shifts can be a problem that needs repair as well as possible before anything significant can get in the way.

Worn Connectors

Check the connectors in your plumbing system. Water connectors can wear from shifting and can produce leaks. You might notice this in cases where your washing machine or other appliances in your home start to move and wear out. Such damages can be hard to cover and maintain, but they can make an impact on your plumbing setup if you do not take care of them soon enough.

All of these threats can cause leaks in your home’s plumbing system and cause you to use more water than what you want to utilize in your home. But you don’t have to worry, as you can contact us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing for help with fixing your plumbing setup and with correcting any leaks that develop.


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