Our Well System Guide – 3 Key Steps to Fix Low Water Pressure

About 40 percent of the US population relies on groundwater for its water supply. Having a private well is an excellent way to have a water supply and distribution for your home. However, you have to ensure that your well system is properly installed so that it can supply you with clean water efficiently. 

One common problem encountered by most well system owners is low water pressure. This problem can greatly impact your water supply and usage at home. That said, here are three crucial steps to take to fix your well system’s water pressure.

1. Adjust your pressure tank

The average water pressure at home is between 40 and 60 psi. Most homeowners choose somewhere in the middle—around 50 psi. If your well doesn’t do enough, then you may check and adjust your pressure tank. 

First, turn off the well’s pump circuit and test the air fill valve with an air pressure gauge. If it’s around 40 psi or below, adjust the pressure switch on the pipe connecting the well and pressure tank. Finally, turn on the circuit and start testing the water by opening your faucet.

2. Examine your pipes thoroughly 

It’s common for your well system’s plumbing pipes to get accumulated with a ton of sediment and minerals. As a result, the buildup can get clogged, preventing a smooth flow of water. Hence, clogged pipes can have a huge impact on the water pressure of your well system.

When confronted with this problem, what better way to proceed than to get in touch with licensed plumbers in Fort Worth? First, these local plumbers will inspect your pipes if there is any blockage. Second, they’ll start cleaning and get rid of this blockage by using a water softener.

3. Install a constant pressure system

Installing a constant pressure system is another great solution to improve the water pressure of your well system. It is installed on your water line and prevents water pressure from dropping. Even if multiple fixtures are being used, you can be assured of a continuous flow of water.

Investing in a constant pressure system is worth it. Have someone inspect and service your plumbing system, as well as install new parts and components. You may contact your local plumber for the installation of your constant pressure system.


There are various reasons your well has low water pressure, but that can be easily remedied. You can have your pressure tank serviced, let your pipes thoroughly examined, or install a constant pressure system. Follow our guide and take the steps discussed above.

When decided, you can go ahead and get in touch with your local plumber. These professionals can make a difference in your well system and the water supply it provides for the benefit of the entire household.

Sick and tired of your well system that has low water pressure? Count on our licensed plumbers in Fort Worth who can help you fix your well. We’re a plumbing company in Fort Worth providing plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services.


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