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Your water heater can be difficult to work with at times, what with the heater taking up so much space in your home. A heater can be hard to maintain and fix up due to all that weight and all those moving parts. Even worse, you might have to replace your heater altogether after a while.

Taking care of your water heater in your Carrollton home is not always the easiest thing for you to do, but it is a necessity to take care of. You can talk with us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you ever need assistance with getting your plumbing system fixed up right. Our team at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing hire only the best Carrollton plumbers for the task at hand. You can trust our experts with everything relating to your heater.


You should contact us for help if you ever come across any of the common problems that you might experience when getting your water heater to work for you. Some of these signs of a water heater not working the way it is supposed to include the following:

  • The water heater takes a while for it to produce hot water. In some cases, you might not get that water at all.
  • The heater produces rusty or murky water. That is, the water is anything but clear.
  • The water has an unusual scent to it. This scent may come from the heater having old and rusty parts that are not working as well as you hoped.

You need to get your water heater fixed up if you ever experience any of these common problems. The great news is that you can get a Carrollton plumber from us at Lasiter and Lasiter to come to your property to take care of the issue at hand. We are available to assist you in producing anything that can help get warm water in your home.


We have many water heater repair solutions for you to look at when aiming to fix up your property. There are many options to resolve even the most difficult concerns you may come across:

  • Fix individual parts within your water heater, particularly parts that might not be running as well as they should.
  • Any dirty or worn out spaces may be cleaned out depending on the issue.
  • In other cases, we can replace certain parts altogether. This is provided that we notice there is only one concern within your heater to clear out.
  • Any motors or heating agents within your heater can be fixed up and possibly repaired. Our team will look at all of these features to confirm whatever needs to be done to fix certain issues in your space.

We will assist you in fixing up anything you might struggle with, but it is important to see that sometimes you might also need a full replacement for your water heater. This is where the next point for consideration regarding your heater will come in handy.


You might need to get a new water heater for one of many reasons:

  • Your existing water heater has lots of sediment inside of its body. This sediment might keep your heater from being fully functional or capable of taking in enough water.
  • There are leaks all around your heater. It is next to impossible to fix leaks in a tank or most other parts around your heater.
  • The heater may also be older in age. A heater that is at least ten years in age will probably have to be replaced.

Getting a water heater replaced can be a challenge for many to bear with, but we can help you with replacing whatever model it is you have. We can assist you with getting a new heater ready by getting something that fits with your plumbing fittings among other points.

Our team offers tankless models that are more energy efficient and provide you with more support for heating your water in moments. We work our hardest with producing only the best possible heaters for your water needs.

The assortment of models we have to work with should help you get more out of your heating needs. See what we have to offer as you aim to get your home water system heated up the right way; you will be impressed with the selection of heating options we have.


The installation process for your water heater does not have to be rough or challenging. You can talk with us at Lasiter and Lasiter and we will help you with producing a great new water heater that fits in with the demands you have. Talk with us for help with getting a new water heater installed in your property.


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