Professional vs. DIY Drain Cleaning: 3 Output Comparisons

Drain cleaning might look simple at first, which makes most people contemplate on doing it themselves instead of letting professionals handle the problem. However, if you’re not a professional, the chances of you not being able to finish the job in the right way are high. Most homeowners are under the impression that they’ve correctly solved the problem, but wonder why a few days later, the problem still ensues.

In this article, we will share with you three output comparisons of doing your drain cleaning yourself compared to letting licensed plumbers help you.

1. Long-term Effects

A licensed plumber has an arsenal of tools that are specific for drain cleaning that ordinary homeowners don’t possess, including a combination of drain snakes, drain maintainers, and other devices. The combination of tools effectively clears your drains to a state similar to when it was first used. 

Professionals also have access to biotechnology to help clear your drains effectively. When they introduce a particular breed of bacteria into your sewer pipes, its biological activities turn grease build-up and other organic blockages into food. After the organic waste is turned into food, the bacteria will coat your sewage system with biofilm and continue to prevent the build-up of grease until they reach the end of their lives.

2. Hazard Risks

Store-bought drain cleaners offer a quick fix that doesn’t solve the underlying problem. The more concerning issue is that these chemicals are highly toxic, which can compromise your loved one’s health.

The chemical fumes can irritate your eyes, skin, lungs, and nose when it comes into contact with your body and senses, and it is also highly toxic to the environment. Additionally, it can affect the structural integrity of your pipes because of its strong characteristics as a chemical.

Licensed plumbers don’t need those said chemicals, but rely on the power of biotechnology. The worst part of using a store-bought drain cleaner is that you put your health at risk, regardless of whether or not it does its job.

3. Price

Although the initial investment of hiring licensed plumbers is more expensive than doing your drain cleaning yourself, the long-term accumulation of expenses of DIY drain cleaning exceeds the one-time payment for a professional service. If you factor the possibility that your untreated sewer pipes might experience significant problems, you will end up with a bucket-load of expenses to repair your plumbing system.

Home remedies are excellent options for temporary relief. You’ll notice that you’ll experience more frequent clogs after you’ve cleaned your drains. When the accumulation of grease and organic material build-up is too much, it can cause your pipes to burst from the pressure. The resulting scenario is counterintuitive if you’re trying to save money because the associated replacements of broken pipelines are more expensive than professional drain cleaning.


Know that using a plunger, chemical cleaner, or drain snake only removes a portion of the accumulated debris in your pipes. The most concerning problem is the remaining sludge that doesn’t get removed from your sewage systems. The presence of sticky substances in your sewage system expedites the build-up of debris because items cling to the muck easier than a slug-free pipe system. Because of that, you’ll be shocked to see your drain clogged again in no time. That said, it is best to call for a licensed plumber to handle your drain cleaning.

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