Resolving Hard Water Issues

Hard Water – Is it Really a Problem?

Hard water is a problem that can hurt your plumbing system. Hiring a plumber to help you resolve your hard water concerns is vital for the safety of your plumbing system. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water contains a large number of minerals. The water gets in contact with chalk, limestone, calcium, and other minerals. Such minerals may come off of the pipes and other fixtures into the water. Hard water causes poor tasting water and creates havoc on your plumbing system.

The Risks of Hard Water

Resolve Hard Water IssuesHard water is dangerous to your plumbing system. The minerals can damage the pipes and other fixtures around your home. Small mineral scales may build up around your pipes, thus causing clogs over time. The scales may inhibit the natural flow of water in and out.

A water heater would also require more power to produce the heat needed for keeping your water warm. Mineral deposits inside your heater prevent the unit from moving heat. The lack of movement makes it difficult to get your water warmed up accordingly.

How Hard Water Affects Your Daily Life

Here’s how hard water may affect your day to day:

  • It is harder for soap to build up a lather when subjected to hard water.
  • Your clothes might wear out when washed in hard water.
  • Your dishes will also develop unappealing spots that can impact the taste of anything you consume off of them. Those spots may also weaken your dishes and other items in your kitchen.

Getting the Problem Fixed

A water softener is needed to resolve issues relating to hard water. A softener works to neutralize the development of harmful minerals as they enter your water system.

An expert plumber can install a new water softener system inside your home. The softener will work within a reservoir in the main water line. The system administers a softener around the water line to keep the water from being too hard.

What Materials Work?

The specific water softener that you use will vary. Sodium chloride is often used to exchange ions within minerals, thus neutralizing the metals that come into your water. Potassium chloride may also work as an alternative.

Talk with a plumber to see how a water softener can work in your home. If we can help you with your hard water issues, contact us today!


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