Three Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

October 23, 2017by Lasiter & Lasiter
Hidden Water Leak
The Appearance of Mold Anywhere in Your Home Can Indicate the Presence of a Leak.

Since a home’s plumbing exists behind walls and beneath the house, not all water leaks will become readily apparent. This becomes problematic, as a hidden water leak will quickly cause serious damage. To prevent this, along with the accompanying need for expensive repairs, pay attention for the following signs.

Musty Smells

If you one day begin to detect a musty smell in a certain area of your house, you can likely blame a nearby water leak. Leaking pipes provide the moisture needed for the growth of mildew and mold. Even if you cannot see these growths, your nose can detect their appearance behind walls.

Water Stains

The appearance of a water stain loudly announces the presence of a leak. Though people generally associate these with ceiling leaks, they can appear anytime water damages a ceiling, floor, or wall. Call immediately for service if you see a stain, as it indicates the leak has run long enough to cause substantial damage.

High Water Bill

If you water bill appears higher for no discernible reason, you can probably blame a leak. If no other signs appear in your home, the leak likely exists in your yard. To stay on the safe side, call a professional plumber that offers leak detection services.

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