What’s The Difference Between Soft and Hard Water?

September 26, 2016by Lasiter & Lasiter

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘soft water’ and ‘hard water’ but do you actually know what each hard water fort worth, txmeans and how it affects your plumbing? Look no further — we can help you understand the difference between the two and make sure you’re doing all you can for your plumbing based on the water in your area.

Hard Water

Hard water, which is found in Fort Worth, TX, has high levels of dissolved minerals in it. While it is perfectly safe to drink and bathe in, it does come with some downsides. If you’ve noticed a white buildup on your shower head, for example, this is a sign of some of the minerals left behind from the hard water. Certain household cleaners are made for removing this residue from faucets and shower heads. The mineral residue can also affect appliances, such as dishwashers, and keep them from performing the way they’re supposed to.

Soft Water

Soft water is water with few or no added minerals. (The purest of water does not contain minerals.) It is sometimes naturally occurring and sometimes not. Some people choose to treat their hard water with water filtration systems to remove the minerals from the water. There are a few reasons people may opt to treat their water for minerals.

  • It helps plumbing last longer. Hard water causes a buildup of scale (minerals, etc) in the pipes, which deteriorates them faster and could cause appliances to not work effectively.
  • It is easier to clean with. In general, soft water will not leave mineral stains on dishes after washing or buildup on your shower head.
  • Some people prefer the taste. Some people prefer the taste of soft water over the taste of hard water, while for others, the opposite is true.

Should I Treat My Water?

If you are considering water treatment, you will need to determine the price of treating your water and other maintenance involved. Hard water might not be the easiest on pipes, but it is by no means bad for your health or your home. Call the plumbing experts with the best services at [nw_data field=phone] for more information on water filtration!



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