When You Should Replace Your Bathroom or Kitchen Sink

Today, bathroom and kitchen sinks come in many forms, styles, designs, and sizes. Whether you need a simple, functional sink or an elegant one to show off, it is most likely that you can easily find your desired design in your local market. Behind the extravagant designs is that all sinks function the same, and they are all prone to damages.

Sinks leakage, damaged pipes, and clogging can all happen in any bathroom sinks. As a homeowner, you must know how your sink plumbing works and how to repair it. To help you out, here are some situations which tell whether your bathroom or kitchen sink needs replacement by a licensed plumber:

1. When there’s a crack in the basin

While an epoxy can resolve small cracks, larger cracks will require you to replace your sink right away. That is because these cracks can affect its ability to hold water. If you notice cracks near the drain, that would be because the pipes are experiencing extreme pressure. The pressure would be because of overcrowding of items in the below cabinet, or the basin is not suitable to the pipe. To solve the problem, you would need to replace a much more appropriate basin or pipes.

2. If the faucets become too rusty

A rusty faucet looks unappealing, and it can also affect the quality of water that comes out of it. As you may know, rust can be harmful to your health, even if you are only using it externally. So, make sure to replace rusty faucets immediately. Various faucets’ designs are in the market to suit your style and preference. Just make sure that the product you are buying is appropriate to the basin you have or will buy.

3. If the countertop looks rough

Your kitchen countertop will look rough and damaged as it ages, even after careful maintenance. When it ages, your sink will also experience wear and tear. If you notice your kitchen counter looking dull and old-aged, it would be the perfect time to replace your sink and countertops. You may also consider upgrading the items you install to ensure long life expectancy and timeless aesthetics.

4. If doing remodeling

If you are remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, make sure to replace your old sink as well not only to fit into your new style but also to ensure a new high-quality and long-lasting kitchen fixture. To make sure that your new sink will blend and work perfectly with your remodeled space, consult a licensed plumber. Doing so will help you save costs as they would try to strategize your plumbing system more efficiently.


Your bathroom and kitchen sinks are essential fixtures in your home. Therefore you should allot effort, time, and resources that they are working correctly and efficiently. More than the aesthetics, sinks affect the functionality and workflow in your home. That is why always ensure that you use high-quality products and create an efficient plan beforehand.

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