5 Key Factors to Consider When Looking for a Plumber

September 3, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

The plumbing system is a complex one because it provides the household with a water supply and removes wastewater from the house at the same time. While it’s a solid system that consists of durable components, such as pipelines, fittings, fixtures, and appliances, it is also subject to wear and tear. This is essentially why regular inspection and maintenance are imperative. When confronted with a minor plumbing problem, you might resort to quick and easy DIY fixes. However, the best course of action is to hire a licensed plumber in Fort Worth, especially for systems with extensive damages.

However, with many experts in today’s market, how do you find the right one for your needs? Here are five key factors to look for in a plumber when finding the right professional:

1. Track record of experience

When looking for a plumber, you have the option to search online for a few worthy prospects or get some recommendations from friends or colleagues. One crucial aspect you should consider is how long they have been in the industry. Keep in mind that their track record of experience usually speaks of their industry knowledge, plumbing skills, and expertise level. The more experiences they have, the better.

2. Services and areas of specialization

As mentioned, a plumbing system is a complicated one with various components. A plumber may tackle different parts and offer different services, such as faucet repair, disposal replacement, water heater service, drain cleaning, low water pressure solutions, pipes and sewer repairs, and more. For this reason, you have to gauge their areas of specialization and choose the one who can be the right fit for your plumbing needs.

3. License

A valid license is a crucial factor to consider because it allows a plumber to operate in your area. It’s proof that the person has undergone proper plumbing orientation and training, and is a testimony of one’s knowledge, skills, and expertise in the industry. Of course, you will want to work with a licensed expert so that you can get the assurance of quality service. Don’t just ask if one has a permit to operate—check the license itself!

4. Insurance

Apart from the license, it’s important to check whether or not a plumber is insured. Insurance serves to protect the plumber if any untoward incidents occur. For instance, it covers all accidental damages as provided by the plumbing company; some plumbers even have personal insurance to cover potential injuries during working hours. Ultimately, having coverage won’t hold you liable financially and legally in case of an accident. 

5. Pricing

Logically, you will only want to hire a service that you can afford to pay. Yet, you must never sacrifice quality to give way to affordable fees because you’ll be surprised at how this can be costly in the long run as more plumbing problems may arise. Because of this, be sure to strike a balance between affordability and service quality when looking for a prospective plumber.


Remember that hiring the right plumber can make a massive difference in your plumbing system. For this reason, be sure to factor in their experience, specialization, license, insurance, and pricing, as discussed above. With all these in mind, you’ll be sure to hire the best plumber in your locality who can fix the issue permanently and ensure your system’s optimal performance and longevity!

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