What You Need to Do During an Emergency Plumbing Situation

September 10, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

Most homeowners know what to do with basic plumbing issues, but they are clueless once it escalates into an emergency situation. This is often due to a major pipe burst that easily floods the property. You need to know what to do during these kinds of emergencies so that you can immediately and appropriately solve the issue. 

This article orients homeowners like you on the basic first response during a plumbing emergency. We will also discuss what you can do to secure your property and personal belongings. 


  • Evacuate your family immediately: All emergency situations require the safe evacuation of your family. You need to make sure that they are as far away from the danger as possible until the situation is better controlled. Oversee their swift and safe evacuation. If there is time, you can also instruct them to take and leave with their personal belongings, such as important documents and valuable jewelry.



  • Turn off your water and electricity: You need to turn off your water immediately. This will prevent the water from further damaging your property. You also need to turn off your electricity since your electrical wiring and panel can also get further damaged if left unattended. Locate the main shutoff valve, then turn it off immediately. If you don’t know how to shut off your water, contact local emergency plumbing immediately. 



  • Mop up the excess water: If you manage to turn off your water and electricity successfully, you can go back to your property and mop up the excess water. This will prevent water damage from further entering other areas and destroying your personal belongings. Make sure the water and electricity are kept off during the whole process. 



  • Relocate furnishings and belongings: Emergency plumbing situations often have strong drain flows that can move around your home furnishings and personal belongings. After mopping the excess water, you can pick up and relocate what you can. You can also request your family’s help to cover more ground and relocate multiple items. Again, make sure to keep the water and electricity shut off for the sake of your safety.  



  • Call emergency plumbing services: The common reaction to emergency plumbing situations is to find ways to plug the leakage. However, this may overload your pipelines and can result in multiple and more complicated plumbing problems. Leave this to the professionals by calling emergency plumbing services immediately. 



  • Communicate what caused this plumbing emergency: There are various reasons why plumbing suddenly escalates into an emergency situation. Common situations include major pipeline bursts and volumes of excess water relocating into the basement. You can better aid your emergency plumbers in addressing the situation by detailing what you think caused it. You can also talk about the condition of your pipelines and the last time you got them inspected. 



  • Invest in better plumbing: Emergency plumbing situations can be prevented if you act now. Consult with your local plumbing company to inspect and upgrade your plumbing system. This will not only help you prevent plumbing emergencies; it also lets you benefit from a clean and convenient water supply. 



Emergency plumbing situations are challenging, but you can overcome them if you adhere to the previously mentioned tips. We also strongly urge you not to work on the plumbing yourself since you may further damage the pipelines or your property. Call emergency plumbing contractors today to solve the issues effectively. 

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