Cat Litter and Your Drain

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Did You Know That Cat Litter Is Dangerous to Your Plumbing System?

As much as all of us in the Metroplex area love our cats, there are some things a little more of a hassle than what we like to admit. One of those things entails taking care of cat litter. While it is essential to keep a cat’s box clean and fresh for use, it can be annoying to care for it on occasion.

But you have to make sure you take care of your cat litter accordingly, as it can put your plumbing system at risk of harm. The composure of cat litter makes it challenging to cleanout. You need to avoid getting cat litter into your plumbing system if you want to prevent clogs.

The Design Is the Problem

Cat litter features various ingredients designed to support clumping. It’s of sand, silica, and clay. These will absorb moisture and bind together well, thus making it easier for you to clean out a litter box.

But as useful as it can be for helping you to take care of your pet’s business, it can also be dangerous if you add it to your plumbing system. You cannot dispose of cat litter in your plumbing system, as it would clog up in moments. The naturally absorbent body of cat litter makes it capable of settling in your pipes in moments.

Disposing of Litter Properly

You have to bag up any waste in the cat litter box and throw it out with the trash. The waste should naturally decompose over time as it makes its way to a local landfill.

The same is not right for a plumbing setup. As much as you might want to dispose of it in a sink in a garage or other sink outside of what’s in your kitchen or bathrooms, the cat litter you dispose of can harm your setup.

What Fixes the Problem?

There may still be times when cat litter can enter your pipes. The issue may be due to someone in your home not knowing any better and choosing to dispose of it in a sink. That person may not be aware of the issue at hand. Fortunately, you can get the problem fixed when you reach us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing.

Our work at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing will help you with clearing out any clogs caused by cat litter. We will help you with a thorough process that includes checking on any drain that has been impacted by cat litter. We’ll use a safe plunging solution and work with a toilet snake if necessary. Our work is designed to go through even the most difficult clogs that you have. More importantly, we will avoid using any chemicals that might splash back up if not handled well enough.

Need Drain Help? Call the Licensed Pros

You can reach us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing for help with all your plumbing needs today. We can help you with anything relating to cat litter or anything else that sticks in your home’s pipes and drains.


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