How Toilet Paper Effects Plumbing

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Considerations For Toilet Paper For Your Plumbing System

Toilet paper is a necessity for homes around the DFW area. You need toilet paper to ensure your bathrooms are sanitary and safe.

But you have to watch for how you’re going to use toilet paper in your home. As convenient as it can be, you could hurt the quality of your plumbing system if you are not careful enough.

Why Toilet Paper Hurts Your Plumbing

In most cases, you shouldn’t bear with problems surrounding toilet paper in your home. But over time, toilet paper can be a threat:

  • An excess amount of toilet paper in your toilet can cause a clog to develop.
  • The added paper may become too thick when wadded together.
  • Extra-soft toilet paper that is thicker in size may be comfortable and relaxed on sensitive skin, but it can be even more harmful to a toilet. The paper may be too thick even when you don’t use as much. It could build up in your bathroom and pipes over time.
  • Problems with the pipes around your toilet can also be a threat. Any dislodged pipes could catch the paper that goes through. The compound can stick and be hard to clear out, especially if the paper is a little thicker in its build.

What Helps Instead?

As troubling as toilet paper can be to your plumbing, the problem can be alleviated using more toilet paper than necessary in your daily routines. The effort includes using smaller amounts of paper over a series of more flushes. Part of your work also includes ensuring you’re not going to try and use more paper than needed.

There may still be cases where the toilet paper has caused enough of a clog to where it might be difficult for you to clear it out on your own. You can ask us for help here at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you have any persistent concerns surrounding the quality of your plumbing system.

Get Help from the Fort Worth, TX AREA PROS

Our team at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can assist you with removing even the most stubborn clogs caused by toilet paper. We can work with many tools of the trade to help with clearing these things out. Whether it entails a basic plunger or a toilet auger, we can assist you in many ways. You can also ask us about our safe and by easy to use cleaning tools that work without caustic chemicals that may hurt people in your house.

You can ask us about reviewing the pipes around your home as well. The work includes working realign any pipes around your house that have become improperly aligned for whatever reason.

 The risks involved with toilet paper in your plumbing system can be annoying. Reach out to us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you have any problems with your toilet. We are available to help homeowners and businesses around the DFW 24/7..


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