DIY Dishwasher Installation

November 28, 2018by Lasiter & Lasiter

Installing a Dishwasher Isn’t Hard to Handle

One thing you can do to update your kitchen is to get a new dishwasher installed. An updated dishwasher will provide you all the modern features. You’ll also find that newer washers can get the job done without using as much water or energy as older models.

The good news is it isn’t that tough to install a new dishwasher at your home. If you can’t or don’t want to do it, we can help you. Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing will get your new dishwasher ready at your Fort Worth home.

Drain Line Link

The installation process always starts with the drain line. The proper connections for a drain line should be set up based on your home’s layout and the type of washer you want to use.

A thread will also move around the drain line in the next step. The thread works with a series of pliers. The clamp is crimped around the hose to create a tight body. Then the drain line is then threaded into a hole under the counter.

Supply Line Help

Your dishwasher cannot use the drain line unless you have a supply line to go with it. The dishwasher 90 will connect to the supply line with a wrench tightening the material.

A dishwasher 90 is a fitting that links to the supply line. The unit gets its name for having a 90-degree body. The right angle produces a firm fit while keeping the link from taking up more space in the spot.

Don’t Forget the Electric Connection

You’ll need to secure your dishwasher to an electric line. The line should be separate from the plumbing setup. The power should be off at the breaker during installation.

You can remove the wires of the same color and then screw on the wire nuts and wrap them with electric tape. The security process should work accordingly to see that you’ve got the help you need for keeping your line ready and useful.

Testing the Dishwasher

Be ready to check the dishwasher after installing correctly. You can get a test to help you identify how well your dishwasher is working and if the setup is not too hard to follow.

The dishwasher should be inspected well to ensure there are no problems with your unit and that everything is secure as required. The unit should also be tested to ensure there are no leaks. The testing process lets you know that everything is functioning correctly.

Getting a new dishwasher helps save money and may provide cleaner dishes. Talk with us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing to see if you need help with getting your dishwasher installed the right way.


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