Why is My Faucet Dripping Constantly?

December 3, 2018by Lasiter & Lasiter

Why Does Your Faucet Keep Dripping?

No one wants to bear with a dripping faucet in the home. The incessant sound of the water dripping all day long is a hassle. Even worse, your home will use more water than necessary when the faucet keeps on dripping. You could waste money on your water bill due to all that water that you’re not using.

But why would your faucet start dripping, and why would it keep on doing that? There are several good reasons as to why your faucet keeps on dripping.

O Ring Issues

The first problem surrounding your faucet may be related to your O ring. The O ring is a disc that links to the faucet. The ring is next to a screw that keeps the handle on your faucet in place.

Your O ring will wear out after a while. The fatigue will cause the faucet to start dripping. Replacing the O ring is critical for ensuring the faucet handle will stay in its place.

The Washer Fails

The washer on your faucet is a feature next to the valve seat. The washer will rub along the seat every time you use the faucet. The consistent friction you produce will cause the washer to weaken after a while.

In most cases, a washer is made with a rubber material. A flexible body is necessary for allowing the washer to work and handle the pressure produced by the faucet. The material is particularly important to have in a compression faucet.

The Valve Seat Isn’t Working

The valve seat in question is a link that goes between the faucet and spout. The seat allows the compression of water to move through. While other parts of the faucet can wear out with fatigue, the valve seat will weaken due to the sediment and other materials that come through the faucet.

You would have to clean out of the valve seat on occasion to ensure the problem doesn’t persist. A plumber is strongly recommended for that task, what with it often being difficult to get the material ready for use in some cases.

What About the Bolts?

You may also notice some bolts around your faucet that are loose. These issues would entail the faucet not staying in place. These are all things that might keep the faucet from working properly, but that does not necessarily mean you’re going to fix the leak all the way by tightening the space. You would still have to contact a plumber for extra help to see what can be done to resolve the problem that has developed where you are.

Get Professional Plumbing Help in the Fort Worth, TX Area

The threat of your faucet dripping nonstop can be a hassle. You don’t have to worry about this problem for long though. Talk with us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing for help with getting your O ring fixed up right. You will appreciate how we can fix the issue so you won’t waste water or cope with that annoying sound for far too long.


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