Hard and Soft Water – What’s the Difference?

December 12, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter

hard water vs soft water

Hard vs. Soft Water – Is There a Difference?

We at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can check on how well the water feels in your home. We can identify if you have soft or hard water. But what makes the two different from one another? What is appropriate for you to consider when finding something for use in your home?

Hard Water

First, let’s look at what makes hard water distinct. Hard water is a form of water that has dissolved materials in its body. These include magnesium, lime, and calcium. Those minerals have dissolved to where the water can produce spots around glasses, sink surfaces, and other items it touches.

The water collects these minerals as it travels through the ground. Rainwater is naturally soft, but it will collect minerals as it moves through the land and eventually towards a water source.

Some people prefer hard water because they like the taste a little more. Others enjoy how the rain contains naturally occurring minerals that are essential to a person’s health.

But at the same time, hard water can wear out clothes and leave spots and residues on dishes and glasses. Soap scum can develop around bathtubs and showers due to hard water.

Soft Water

Rainwater is considered soft water since it doesn’t contain any chemicals. But, soft water is treated to where sodium is the only ion.

Soft water is treated through a solution in a water treatment facility or a home setup. A lot of people turn to salt blocks to produce soft water.

Many people don’t like the taste of soft water. They often find the water to be too salty. But soft water may be more suitable for chores. The water will not leave spots or add undue fatigue to clothes. Soft water does not add lots of wear on home appliances, not to mention it may keep those machines from using excess energy.

Soap lather is also more noticeable when using soft water. Hard water will not produce as much soap, what with magnesium and calcium producing a less effective reaction.

What’s the Best Choice?

The option for water in your home should be at your discretion. But you have to think about what you use water for in your home when figuring out what is appropriate. Soft water is useful if you have modern appliances and if you have lots of indoor work that requires plenty of water.

Meanwhile, hard water is useful if you need to cook often and if you’re okay with the visual effects. You can always use white vinegar and baking soda to clean the spots off of your glasses and dishes. But hard water can harm some appliances, so be aware of this point.

You can contact us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you have any concerns surrounding how well your water is working. We can check on your water and plan a suitable effort hardening or softening your water, depending on what you would prefer us to do for your home.


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