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How Does a Whole House Water Filtration System Work For You?

You can reach us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing for help with installing a new whole house water filtration system. We will help you with getting the water in your home clean and safe for many purposes. The taste of your pool will improve when you get a quality filtration setup ready for use at your home.

The critical part of the whole house filter is that it will work at the point of entry for water around your home. The screen works with every part of the home and not with a few of the faucets and other features around your home. These include individual taps that feature separate filters.


The whole house filter will use a general pre-filtering setup. The water moves through a pre-filter to clear out large particles and other impurities within the water. The effort is to prevent anything that might clog the rest of the filtration system from entering.

Removing Chlorine

A filter will also remove chlorine from the water in your home. Although chlorine is often used in swimming pools to keep the water safe, the chlorine may be harmful to drink. The filtered water has to be separate from chlorine through some mechanism. The work may entail using proper lighting to kill off chlorine, although added filtration may help. Check on the layout of your whole home filter to figure out how well this part of the process may work.

Extra Charcoal Help

One part of many whole house filters to note entails the use of activated charcoal. The compound eliminates many particles that are in your water and can improve upon the taste of the water. The charcoal material will absorb further particles in the water. You might need to restore the charcoal material on occasion, but we can help you with the process.

Removing Waste

The filter will also help with eliminating waste. Any old contaminants in the water should be cleared out through a reverse osmosis system. The design helps with producing the best results while reducing the risk of waste going through the water. In some cases, ultraviolet or UV light may also appear around the water. The design should help with clearing out any old bits of waste that are still in the water. The setup will ensure your water stays clean.

A whole home water filter can make a positive impact in your home. Contact us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you need assistance with getting such a screen ready for use where you are. We will ensure that your screen is prepared well and with enough control to ensure there are no problems with the water entering your home.


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