How Can You Make Your Plumbing Pet-Friendly – Our Guide

One common truth that any pet owner is bound to get familiar with is that one’s home has to get accustomed to the needs of a furry friend, and not the other way around!

Regardless of whether you have a cat, dog, snake, bunny rabbit, or gecko, you’ve probably made a few adjustments to your home to accommodate your pet’s needs. From pet beds and pee areas to stable tabletops and chairs, the list of different adjustments and ways to make your home pet-friendly is almost endless.

Out of all the different items that you can work on to improve the overall experience that your pets have in your home, you may be overlooking one crucial aspect: Your plumbing system.

Why your plumbing matters, and how you can make it pet-friendly

While it may seem like these two concepts are polar opposites, the truth is that your fluffy friends interact with different forms of plumbing far more than you’d expect.

Pet ownership usually brings about a few plumbing issues and added needs along the way because of the extra amount of care and consideration that comes with owning a pet. Over time, you’ll realize that there are small yet vital adjustments that you’ll need to make to your home’s plumbing so that you can avoid any costly issues while keeping your pet healthy and safe.

If you want to keep your plumbing pet-friendly, here are three tips for your consideration:

1. Cover your openings and pipes

One of the most important parts of your plumbing system that you’ll need to sort out with a pet at home is the set of various openings and pipes that they can interact with.

Generally, all pets are imbued with a sense of curiosity in interacting with anything by sticking their head in various places and interacting with different things, and your plumbing is no exception. To avoid leaks and prevent damages while protecting your furry friends, it’s best to pet-proof everything by cover openings and pipes as best as possible!

2. Keep your toilet lid closed

Aside from pipes and openings, another part of your home’s plumbing that your pet is bound to interact with sooner or later is your toilet bowl.

Although it may sound weird at first, you might not understand the attraction that your furry friend has to the toilet. As tempting as a toilet might be for your pets (and how cute it is to watch them), it’s best to avoid any mishaps and accidents by simply putting the lid down on the seat!

3. Add a drain filter to your shower

When you give your pet a much-needed bath regularly, you’re probably unaware that the little hairs that they shed off during a wash can enter your shower drain and clog everything up. This can then lead to costly repair bills in the process. By putting a drain stopper or filter on your tub or shower’s exit point, however, you can stop all kinds of hair, muck, and mud from corroding your pipes!


One of the most important responsibilities that you have as a pet owner is to make your home’s plumbing as pet-friendly as possible. By following the three tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to prevent any problems from coming up while keeping your beloved furry friend and sound while they explore your home!

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