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A home’s pipes run non-stop throughout the day because water is an essential need. Activities such as brushing teeth, taking a bath, running the washing machine are just some of the necessary tasks in a homeowner’s routine. With pipes running constantly, it can be a struggle to live throughout the day without running water due to pipe damage.

Practicing proper pipe care

Maintaining your pipes is a matter of observing proper cleaning practices while ensuring that you have a close eye on any potential damages that your plumbing system may have. In this article, we will share four ways to extend your pipes’ lifespan:

1. Prevent blockages

One major cause of pipe damage is a blockage. A common cause of blockage is the presence of objects that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet in the first place. Materials such as wet wipes, wrappers, and similar materials can lead to clogging of your pipes. Although you won’t experience the consequences right away, the continuous build-up of debris at your plumbing’s chokepoints can cause pressure to build up.

The higher the pressure sustained by a pipe in a chokepoint, the more prone it is for scratches, leaks, and even bursts. Make sure that you avoid flushing non-flushable substances that can break apart and build-up in your popes.

2. Treat your small leaks as large leaks

Small leaks can be a minor inconvenience for some, but it can lead to costly consequences. Make sure that you do a routine check of your plumbing whenever possible. The sooner you catch and treat your pipes for small leaks, the fewer chances there will be for an expensive replacement and repair.

Treat your small leaks by applying a waterproof sealant so that you won’t have to run the risk of having larger leaks throughout your plumbing systems.

3. Watch your water pressure

You should always make sure that your water pressure is at the right level. High water pressure can wear out pipes and its connections faster if it constantly experiences harsh water levels. If you’re unsure of how to check for your water pressure levels, you can install a water pressure gauge so that you can keep a close eye on it. 

Make sure that your home’s PSI stays below 85 to ensure that your pipes will last for a longer time.

4. Avoid using potent cleaning agents

A critical part of maintaining effective pipes is regular drain cleaning. A popular solution in dealing with kitchen and bathroom drainage is by using bleach mixtures to get rid of the build-up of substances in the pipe. Although this can be an effective way to get rid of the blockage, its potent acidity can actually break through your pipes. This is why it’s recommended to rinse the chemicals with water after using the acid solution to prevent it from corroding your pipes.

As much as possible, you should avoid using acidic mixtures as it can peel off and even melt holes into your pipe. As a more effective solution, you should hire professional plumbing services instead to help you in cleaning your drains as they use cleaning solutions that aren’t harmful to your pipes.


Losing even a day’s worth of water can be problematic for any person. Making sure that one’s plumbing remains healthy and intact is an essential part of keeping a home in working order. The key to increasing the lifespan of your home’s amenities is by taking proper maintenance of them while giving some much-needed professional care.

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