Signs That Your Sewer Line’s Integrity is in Danger – What to Know

Sewer Lines can be compared to an invisible force that keeps us safe and healthy. From what used to be unsanitary practices that caused illnesses due to exposure to human waste has become an intricate system of piping and flows to sewage treatment areas that keep us safe. Having damage to the system could pose threats to the safety of loved ones and yourself, which is why you will want to keep an eye out for important signs that indicate problems. Not only does it impact human health, but it can also cause structural integrity issues in homes affected by broken piping or clogged pathways. 

Some of them may be hard to spot but manifest in other issues such as a slow-draining toilet or low water pressure levels. These pipes are often hidden from plain sight and will require the services of licensed plumbing professionals. Some indicators of sewage integrity problems include:

Foul Odors Emerge from Toilets and Sinks 

Sewage is not a pleasant thing to see or smell. When you feel like the scent of gas or harsh odors is beginning to become more prominent in your home, it may be time to call in a professional. These scents indicate the presence of sewage coming back up into your house instead of making its way to septic tanks or centralized waste processing centers. Unpleasant smells are one of the easiest ways to tell that you have a sewer line leak somewhere and should be dealt with accordingly to avoid sicknesses and health problems. 

Water Pressure and Levels are Low

Sometimes, low pressure entails that there are blockages in pipes and clogged sewer lines. Asides from low levels, it is important to note that fluctuations in water pressure at different times of the day or week may be indicative of more severe damage. 

Sewage Backup and Blockage Occurs Frequently

Excessive backflow, huge blockages, and clogged drains mean there is an obstruction somewhere down the line. Because of these obstructions, water is forced back into the lines and therefore manifests at the end of your home. What causes these blockages is often grease buildup, flushing paper towels, and sanitary pads, or other large items. It has also been observed that growing tree roots may have dislodged pipes. To combat this, make sure you throw trash in trash bins and not into the toilet. 

Water Drains Much Slower

Just like in the previous point, slow draining water is caused by blockages, and if it occurs in multiple areas of your home, this may be a large scale problem. If traditional drain cleaning methods no longer work, it is time to seek assistance from licensed plumbing professionals.

There is Flooding from Your Septic Tank

The septic tank system is one of the most innovative inventions, as it allows waste to be properly stored away from the comforts of the home. This made it easy to manage waste due to its segregation system and care-free use. When this overflows, it may pose health risks to you and your family, as the scent it will give off is unpleasant and full of bacteria. When there are leaks in the tank, they should be fixed as quickly as possible. 


A faulty sewage system is not something to be taken lightly. If you look back at history before modern-day sanitation was invented, there was a higher rate of sicknesses and fatalities due to human waste and industrial waste. It is a blessing that modern-day sanitation removes many of the variables that are harmful to the community’s health. 

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