How Wide Can a Drain Be In Your Home?

February 23, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

Drain Width

Our experts at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can assist you in getting a drain installed in various parts of your property. We can work on drains for your shower, your toilet, and any sinks you have.

But you should look at the sizing standards for your drains. We at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can assist you in handling all of these features. You must see though that you’re planning your work with your drains as well as possible.

The Shower

Notice how small the shower drains are. A shower drain has to be two inches in diameter. Most local regulations for plumbing systems require the shower to have a two-inch drain. It is easier for the regular setups around your yard to work well.

The drain also provides enough room to allow the water in your shower to move out well. You should take note of how well the water moves through when showering. Any case where the water is not draining well can be a problem. The issue is a sign that there is a clog or other concern within the shower.

The Sink

The size of the drain for a sink will vary based on the sink type you’re using. In most cases, a sink drain will be about one to two inches. The standard is for bathroom sinks.

The drain may be slightly more massive for a kitchen sink. The drain might be up to three inches in this case. The larger size comes from how a kitchen sink works for handling more critical items. But you should still ensure the disposal unit in your sink works and that it will handle anything that might be overly large.

Toilet Drains

A toilet drain can be a little more comprehensive. A toilet drain can be about three to four inches in diameter. The design can be flexible based on the toilet layout you’re using.

It may be easier for you to have a slightly larger toilet drain if possible. A greater diameter provides more room for water to flow through. More importantly, the risk of a clog developing in your bathroom will be reduced. You’ll need this well if you have plenty of people in your home that need to use a toilet.

How Often Should You Check the Drains?

It helps to check the drains on occasion to ensure that they’re still functional. You might need to check these drains every few weeks. Planning enough of a review helps in seeing you’ll have more control over how they work. More importantly, you can prevent significant backups from threatening the quality of your drains.

You must see that the drains around your kitchen and bathroom are planned out well to where the water can move well through them all. You can ask us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing for further assistance with your drains as necessary. We are open to serve all drains at your home and to improve on how they all work.


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