Why Does Hair Cause Drain Clogs?

February 10, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

Hair Clogged Drain

Why Does Hair Clog a Drain?

It’s only a matter of time before the drains in your bathroom become clogged with hair. The shower or bathtub drains could take in lots of hair that shed off of everyone’s bodies. The faucets may also take in lots of hair from quick grooming efforts. Those small bits of hair that come off when shaving can stick in a drain.

So, why does hair cause a drain to become clogged? There’s a good explanation for this issue. However, the point is that it might not be easy for you to prevent such clogs from happening. While a strainer material may be useful in avoiding some of the problems, that isn’t going to be a full solution for use.

Difficult to Break Down

Bits of hair often take a while to break down. The hair can become entangled in a spot and will quickly build up. Hair is more durable than you might expect. The issue is consistent among any hair type you might find.

Oils Become a Problem

Your hair may also contain plenty of oil. These oils can stick in hair strands and can stick in a drain. Since it is not easy for oils to break down, it can become easy for a spot to become clogged.

The problem may become more substantial if you use any oils for treating your hair. These include beard oils and other items that might work when maintaining certain spots of hair.

Shape Points

The hair that gets in a drain will change its shape. The hair will curve up and blend in with other bits of hair that get in the same area. The added hair can stick to where it creates enough of a block within the drain and pipe. Enough hair will build up to where the added mass and the included oils will become too much of a burden.

Can the Problem Be Reduced?

The most substantial issue surrounding hair in your drain is that it’s next to impossible to try and prevent the concern. Everyone has hair that will shed off in some way.

A filter could be added to a drain in your bathroom to reduce the amount of hair that goes through. The material can be cleaned out as necessary, not to mention it is easy to set up. But there will always be plenty of smaller bits of hair that will go through your filter.

You’d have to watch for who gets in the bathroom as well. It’s not a good idea to wash any pets in your shower, as they could leave lots of hair all around.

Call the Fort Worth Area Plumbing Experts

The best thing you can do is ask us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you have any concerns surrounding how well your bathroom drains work. We can help you in removing clogs caused by hair and other things in your bathroom. Our job entails efforts that will not harm your bathroom. More importantly, we won’t use any hazardous chemicals in the work effort.


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