How To Increase Shower Water Pressure

February 6, 2020by Lasiter & Lasiter

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How Can the Water Pressure In Your Shower Be Increased?

Your shower needs enough water pressure to ensure it works well. A shower that has a proper pressure level will be easier to use. It would be easier for you to get yourself cleaned off when you have enough pressure in the shower.

But the water pressure in your shower can get too low. The problem could be from the water, not moving well enough through the shower. It may also be due to some other plumbing features not working all that well.

There are a few things you can do to improve upon the water pressure in your shower. All of these efforts can help in improving how well the shower works.

Check the Shower Head

Take a look at your shower head at the start. Sediment and other materials can build up within the shower. These include limescale and other minerals. The flow of water won’t be all that great if there are lots of clogs all around. Brush out the shower head to improve upon how well the water can move forth.

Note the Water Line

The water line leading to your shower head could be a concern. There might be bends or other issues that are keeping the water from flowing as well as it should. The line needs straightening allow the water to flow through.

Review the Valve

The water pressure in your shower might drop due to the valve not being open all the way. The valve should be entirely free for it to handle the water well enough. You can check the water pressure once the valve stays open to see if things change.

The reason why the valve needs checking is that sometimes the valve can close on itself. In other cases, it might close during other work with someone forgetting to put it back open. Allowing the valve to stay open is essential for making it work.

Note Any Leaks

Leaks might be a threat to your plumbing setup. A leak can cause you to use more water than necessary. It may also cause damages to your property, depending on where the water goes. One of the effects of a leak may be the water pressure in your shower dropping. The lack of water being able to go through all the way can become a concern. You’ll have to get any leaks around your property fixed up as soon as possible to reduce the issue.

When Are You Showering?

Sometimes the low water pressure comes about due to the time you shower. You might shower at a time when you’re using other appliances in your home. A washing machine might take away water that could go to your shower, for instance. There might also be times when you shower at a point when more people in your area are showering at the same moment. You’ll have to plan your showering around a time when it might be easier for you to use the water.

You can ask us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you have any concerns with your shower’s water pressure level. We’ll help you in finding a plan for fixing this issue before it can become worse.


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