The Importance of Safety Shutoff Valves

August 5, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter
Safety Shutoff Valve
Shut-off valve on copper pipe; blowtorch in background

Safe Shutoff Valves Are Critical For Your Plumbing System

Ensure that your plumbing system in your home is working well and that there are no problems with water pressure. But, there also comes times when your water might be flowing too fast or might put your property at risk of harm. You will have to use a shutoff valve to protect your property.

A shutoff valve is a material that controls the flow of water to various plumbing fixtures in your home. You can find pipes linked to multiple installations, including toilets, water heater, faucets, and sinks. You’ll have to ensure your shutoff valves are working accordingly and that they are safely helping you with maintaining your plumbing setups.

Where Is the Valve?

The shutoff valve location depends on the brand and site:

  • A valve for the sink will appear under the body.
  • For a toilet, the valve is under the tank.
  • A tub should have its valve inside an access panel. The panel may be found on the base part of the tub or in a wall.

What Type of Valve Works?

You can use a ball valve or compression valve. A ball valve uses a seal that will keep the valve open or closed on a quarter turn. The shutoff design is more durable and can last for years.

A compression valve requires a compression washer to keep the water moving. You would have to use multiple turns when closing off the valve. The compression format is cheaper to find, and there is a risk that it may fail or possibly leak.

When Should You Use Your Valve?

You will need to use your valve in various situations:

  • There might be a crack in your tub or toilet that needs repair. Your shutoff valve will stop the flow of water before more can leak out.
  • You can also use the valve on a sink to control issues where there is a crack, or a seal is not working.
  • Cases, where the water source that links to your home is at risk of harm, could also require you to activate the valve. The valve would prevent potentially dangerous water from getting in your area. You can turn the valve off when the water is safe to use once again.

Maintaining the Valve

You might need to get your valve reviewed on occasion to ensure it is safe to use. You would have to check on the metal fixture occasionally to ensure that the valve is reliable to use. You’d have to note how well the valve can turn without harm.

You can reach us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing to learn more about how you can get your shutoff valves maintained. We are available to help you with figuring out how well your plumbing setup is working and that we can also fix any issues that may develop where you are. We would love to provide you with the help you deserve for maintaining your plumbing fixtures well.


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