Is Liquid Drain Cleaner Bad for Plumbing Systems?

You might have seen various commercials on television promoting liquid drain cleaner products. As appealing as they can be, they would do more to hurt your plumbing system than help.

It is true that these products might be cheaper than a plumber’s services, but the long-term costs of a liquid plumbing product could be higher when you consider the possible damages. A plumber will help you with resolving problems safely without risking further harm to your home.

Corrosive Materials

Liquid Drain CleanerA liquid drain cleaner will use an acid compound. The substance will destroy hair, grease, and other soft clogs. These might work well for clearing out the drain, but the risks associated with such a compound will be high.

The corrosive material that you add into your plumbing system will break down parts of your pipes. A chemical compound may wear out the metal inside your pipes, thus making it harder for them to last.

What is even worse is that such corrosive items may cause the supporting features around your pipes to wear out over time. The materials can damage wood supports and other things.

Human Risk

The liquid drain cleaner you use may be one of the most dangerous compounds you could ever have in your home. The soap can cause burns on your skin if you spill it. It may also be difficult to wash the compound off of a sink basin or other surface that the mixture might drop onto.

What is even worse is that a drain cleaner might come up your plumbing system if not handled right. You might use the soap to clear out a shallow clog. There is a chance the plumbing cleaner might come up the drain as you clear out that clog. The impact would stain the sink or drain basin and even cause burns if the compound splashes onto your body.

Professional Solutions Work Better

Contacting a professional to help you with clearing out clogs is best. In many cases, a plumber might use air pressure or something else that will not require the use of chemicals to clean out a clog that might become a problem in your space.

For cases where you need chemicals, a plumber will figure out the appropriate compound. The plumber can use the correct mixture to help with clearing out any problematic surfaces in your plumbing system.

Have a Problem? Call the Plumbing Experts

Do not risk using a commercial drain cleaner as it is far too dangerous to have in your home. The cleaning compound may also cause more harm to your plumbing system than what you might think. Talk with a plumber today to resolve your plumbing issue.


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