What is a Drain Vacuum Used For?

There are often times when a clog or blockage in your plumbing system might be overwhelming. A drain vacuum may be used if you have such an obstruction. But what makes a vacuum helpful?

What is a Drain Vacuum?

A drain vacuum is a large unit that can be applied to any drain in your home. It may be added into the drain to create suction inside your plumbing system. This may work for cases where you have a solid clog or another blockage that is keeping your plumbing system from working. This can also work for toilet blockages caused by one of life’s more embarrassing moments.

Steps for Getting a Drain Vacuum Ready

  1. What is a Pipe VacuumFirst, the vacuum nozzle has to be sized appropriately. You can find nozzles that fit into drains of varying sizes. These include ones with a 1.25 or 2.5-inch diameter. The hose that the nozzle links up to should be around the same width as well.
  2. The nozzle is then applied into the drain. The setup must be supported well enough to add enough coverage. Your nozzle should be made with a sturdy rubber material. The rubber compound can link into your nozzle while being flexible enough to move into a surface without problems.
  3. Suction is then generated through the vacuum. The suction should come through as the nozzle gets into the drain and through a part of the plumbing setup. This should add enough power to move through even the toughest clogs. Sometimes the suction may collect water, but that would be natural considering how difficult it might be for water to move down a clogged surface.
  4. The blockage should be broken apart and collected by the vacuum after a while. The timing for this to work may vary based on how significant the blockage is. Take a look at how well the obstruction can be treated so there will be no problems with making it work.

The process works for cases where you know there is a physical blockage inside of your plumbing system, and you need to get it cleared out. The vacuum also works when the item on the inside is not budging.

Does This Always Work?

For Starters, a vacuum can only be used if your piping system is strong enough to handle the suction that the vacuum produces.

Naturally, the suction process does work for when there are distinct physical items that fallen down a drain. Whether it entails a ring, a key or another solid object, you can get a drain vacuum to remove that item before it can be lost or before it could produce further damages inside your plumbing system.

Having a drain vacuum on hand to help you with getting a drain blockage under control can make a real difference. Be sure you to consider your safety when performing any at home plumbing project.


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