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January 1, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter

What Are the Most Common Types of Plumbing Pipe Materials?

You will come across many plumbing pipe materials when you start looking. However, what makes these plumbing pipes different from one another for the home?

Each of the piping materials is useful in various ways. However, you must also take a look at the elements, how they function, and what you will get out of them in general.


Copper pipes are very popular to have in your home. Copper is a sturdy metal that does not leak often. The metal also comes in many thickness levels and can tolerate hot conditions.

The copper surface will not pollute your water or shed over time. Also, today’s copper pipes are very easy to install with lead-free materials.


Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a plastic polymer that will not rust, corrode, or wear out over time. PVC can handle high-pressure totals and will not vibrate when water passes. Therefore, the risk of the PVC pipe becoming loose when used right will be minimal.

You’d have to watch for how warm the conditions around your property can be though. PVC pipes can warp if they become too hot. Appropriate coatings may work on your pipes to keep them safe for use.

Chlorinated PVC

Some of the PVC pipes you’ll find include chlorine treatments to keep them safe for use when using them for drinking water. Chlorine helps with cleaning out the water, thus making it easy to consume. Chlorinated PVC pipes are also helpful for hot and cold water supplies alike. These are even more flexible than primary PVC pipes.

Still, if it takes in enough cold water, a chlorinate pipe will freeze. The water would have to be freezing for this to happen, but the threat is still a point to consider.


A cross-linked polyethylene pipe is a plastic material that is ideal if you have a retrofit project. The pipe is known for how it snakes through walls and tight spaces. You can use this for hot and cold water alike.

You can also use PEX pipe if you’re in a spot where the area tends to get warm. The risk of the pipe wearing out and experiencing stress will be minimal when planned out right.

Each of the materials is essential to helping you get the water you require. See what we at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can do if you ever need extra help with getting new pipes ready for your plumbing setup.


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