Should I Drain My Water Tank?

November 14, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter

Drain Water Tank

Draining Water From Your Water Tank

The water tank in your home can be critical for ensuring you have enough water on hand for many intentions. But you have to watch for the sediment that can build up on the inside. The buildup can be painful for many purposes, but it especially becomes an issue for heating purposes after a while.

Filteration System

While your filtration system will clear that material out, it will still stay in the water tank. The buildup makes it harder for your container to remain as functional as it should.

The sediment may also prevent heat transfer from working. Your unit becomes less effective due to that limit. You will have to remove the deposit to make it easier to receive the warm water your home needs.

Steps to Cleaning Out Your Tank

You can drain the water from your water tank every few months to make it easier for your model to function. There are a few steps you’ll have to follow to help you with cleaning everything out:

  1. The power or gas to the heater needs to be shut off.
  2. Shut off the cold water supply valve. The water should stop flowing into the tank at this point.
  3. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve. The valve should be at the bottom part of the tank.
  4. Move the hose outside your home.
  5. Open the pressure relief valve. The valve should be on the top part of the tank. You might have to pull on the unit.
  6. Let the water inside the tank drain out. The step might take a bit depending on the size of the tank and how much water was inside.
  7. After emptying the tank, apply the cold water valve for a few minutes. You can do this to flush out the remaining sediment on the inside.
  8. Close the drain valve and pressure relief valve.
  9. Let the tank fill up once again.
  10. Turn the hot water setup on your tank once again. You might have to reignite a pilot light if you have a gas-powered water tank. For an electric model, you would have to flip a breaker to get the power back to the heater.

The process should not take long, but it does require plenty of materials. The good news is that you only need to do it every so often.

Call the Fort Worth Plumbing Experts

Removing the sediment from your water tank and the heater is critical. You can ask us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you require any additional help with fixing your heater and with removing sediment.


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