Finding the Right Shower Head

November 20, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter


Finding the Right Shower Head For Your Bathroom

Did you know that you can save lots of money by replacing the shower heads in your bathrooms? We want to arm you with this knowledge. Multiple factors will go into the quality of your shower head.

The more features will likely mean a more significant investment. Below are some other things to consider.

How Is It Designed?

A shower head may come with a wall-mounted design. But you can also find some hand-held models that you can use with an attached hose. A ceiling-based model will be affixed to an arm and will position itself directly in the middle part of your shower area.

What Is the Pressure Level?

The water pressure should be from 40 to 60 psi. The good news is that today’s showerheads can work with less. You won’t use as much water thanks to this, thus helping you save money.

How Much Is Water Used?

Factor in the amount of water your showerhead will use monthly. The good news is that today’s showerheads use less water than older models.

You should use a WaterSense-certified model that uses less than two gallons of water per minute. The standard is for quality shower heads that aren’t going to make you use more water than what you can afford, so be sure you look at how well your shower head model works in this case.

How Does the Spray Work?

The spray feature on your shower head should emit water in a way that’s comfortable for your use. A spray may be extensive, but it can also entail a targeted approach that shoots water in smaller nozzles but at a harder rate.

A rinse option will emit water through a central nose for a gentle dousing. A pulsating unit would use alternating patterns. Each option has a different experience to note, so look at how well you’re finding something that fits your usage desires.

Review the Appearance

You should be sure that the appearance of your shower head is one that you like. The presentation should be something that is comfortable and offers a good look in your shower. You have to look for something that is enticing and makes your shower more inviting. You need to produce a good experience when showering, so you should look well at how you’re finding something that fits in well in your home.

The showerhead you use is essential. Contact us today with any plumbing service needs!


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