The 411 on Plumbers Putty

November 27, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter

Plumbers Putty

Is Plumber’s Putty That Useful?

Are you considering using plumbers putty? While plumber’s putty should appealing in theory, it can be more difficult for you to handle than what you might expect. You’ll have to look at a different solution for when you’re aiming to get your plumbing problems fixed correctly.

What Is It Made Of and Use?

Plumber’s putty is a soft mold that sets in on various plumbing materials. It works well with stainless steel materials and multiple types of fixtures.

It’s great for many situations, including controlling leaks. It can also help with producing seals in many forms. The seal is ideal for drains, faucets, and other features that might leak if not managed well.

What Is the Issue?

While plumber’s putty may seem appealing for use, many problems make it harder for the compound to work. Plumber’s putty can stick on a surface and may be difficult to remove. The question is concerning for cases where corrections or other fixes are needed.

The putty is not necessarily going to last for a while, either. The putty can wear out over time. It may develop condensation and wear just like everything else in your plumbing setup. The problem can become significant and worrisome depending on the quality of the material.

Also, plumber’s putty may cause stains around your pipes and other metal features. The dyes can cause the materials to wear out and weaken prematurely.

Can It Get In Your Water?

It would be difficult for a plumber’s putty to enter your water supply. It’s applied to the exterior. But there is always the potential that an issue becomes more significant. A leak could spread and become more substantial after a while. The possible damage that comes from the putty

What Should I Do?

You don’t have to use plumber’s putty to fix the problems around your plumbing setup. You can ask us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing for help with your work needs. Our team at Lasiter and Lasiter can review the situation at hand and find a solution that fits.

Avoid the Headache and Call the Plumbing Experts

We can check on the situation at hand and find an appropriate material that you can use for the plumbing setup. The content often entails a new pipe system or other fixtures. Either way, a permanent solution is much better than resorting to plumber’s putty. Contact us today for help with any plumbing issue.


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