The 411 on Trenchless Pipe Repair

October 20, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter

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What Does Trenchless Pipe Repair Entail?

Did you know that you don’t have to tear up your yard or landscape to get a new drainage pipe installed in your property? We at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can help you with a trenchless pipe repair service that can fix or replace any pipes that have worn out. We can do this without ripping anything out of your yard or landscape.

You’ll need to get someone to repair or replace a pipe as necessary. You are generally considered responsible for:

  • blockages
  • clogs
  • or other issues that can develop in your plumbing system if they do occur.

How It Works

You might be curious as to how we at Lasiter and Lasiter can repair or replace your pipes without tearing anything apart. But the process is more intriguing than you might expect it to be:

  1. Apply a few access points around your pipes. These points are based on the location of clogs and other issues.
  2. Apply the cable to an access point. The cable will reach the pipe area and will incorporate the appropriate compounds for fixing the pipe. This may entail a coating or a new pipe altogether.
  3. The cable will pull the new pipe or other fixes in its place.

The effort ensures the problem is fixed without adding lots of holes or other unsightly things around your yard. After, the new pipe material can be rated to last for about fifty years on average depending on usage and soil conditions. The extended lifespan will be positive to note surrounding how well your setup is working at your home.

When Does This Work?

The trenchless pipe repair process is ideal when you have regular drain backups around your yard. These include backups that negatively impact all parts of your plumbing system. Cases, where different drains are backed up due to regular use of other drains likely require repair. You can ask us to help you with fixing all these concerns if anything significant might occur where you are.

What If the Fix Cannot Work?

The clean replacement process is efficient, but some cases require a full replacement. For instance, a sewer line might sag or has collapsed all the way. In such cases, you need a full replacement to solve the problem.

The thorough effort can be difficult, but your yard only has to be due through if the damages or other issues are too significant. You’ll need to ask us to check on your plumbing system before we begin to figure out what might work for your site.

Pipe Repair Services in Fort Worth, TX

Ask us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing to help you with the pipe-related issues you have and to get any problems you have resolved as soon as possible.


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