How Tree Roots Affect Plumbing

October 12, 2019by Lasiter & Lasiter

tree roots and pipes

How Do Tree Roots Enter Your Plumbing System?

Every property in the DFW area could benefit from a few trees here and there. Trees add value to a home, not to mention they create a peaceful look anywhere they are planted.

But after a while, a tree can grow to where it might be obstructive. The tree might start to get in contact with your roof, your windows, or your siding. A tree could also get in the way of anything you have on your roof, whether it entails a satellite dish or a solar panel. But the most annoying issue comes from a tree’s roots getting in the way of your plumbing system.

You could always trim a tree when it interferes with your roof or other things around your house. But roots entering your plumbing system are a whole other story. You might struggle to keep these roots from interfering with your pipes and other things in your setup. This is an unfortunate concern, but it is something that must be noticed regardless of the concern.

The General Process

A tree will require water in order to grow. Roots can search for water and can grow in areas where water is present. In this case, your plumbing system will be an obvious site for growth.

The root will latch onto the pipe to reach the water source it requires. As this occurs, the roots will eventually break into the pipes to directly get the water. The tree roots can eventually get into a tangle that will take over your plumbing system and interfere with how well it operates. The breakthrough will cause irritation in your plumbing system and eventually cause dramatic clogs that make the situation worse.

How Can You Tell There’s An Issue?

You can tell that tree roots have interfered with your plumbing system by looking at a few things:

  • If many drains around your home are backing up; these may link to the mainline
  • Another drain starts to back up when you do something near another drain; this includes a drain backing up when you flush a toilet in a different room
  • Things bubbling up around your yard
  • Some unusual scents may also develop depending on the condition

What Should Be Done?

You can ask us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing to help you with resolving the tree root issues in your plumbing system. We can complete video inspection of your pipes to find the specific issues at hand. Then we’ll remove and replace any old sewer lines around your property.

We can resolve the pipes around your home and restore their functionality. More importantly, the work will not entail any caustic materials that might destroy your tree’s roots. Such materials can kill off trees altogether. Even worse, the roots may return after a while and become even more aggressive or hard to clear out.

Get Plumbing Help from the Experts

Our efforts at Lasiter and Lasiter are about preventing significant problems surrounding how well your plumbing system can handle tree roots. You can ask us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing to help you with removing whatever root-related issues you have today.


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