Top 3 Water Heater Upgrades

Expanding Your Hot Water Supply Does Not Have to Be a Hassle. Check Out These Options.

Is your water heater not providing your family enough hot water? Have you been running out of heat during your morning shower? Brrr! Nobody wants that. Here are three ways your can expand your hot water supply with water heater upgrades!

Option #1: Get a Booster

Hot water heater boosters provide an easy way to expand the amount of hot water your system has available. A booster is simply attached to your existing heater, raising the sitting temperature to 140 degrees. This hotter water is mixed with your cold water supply before it is dispensed, creating a larger supply of comfortable, cleaner water. This option is great for homeowners still looking to get more time out of their existing heater system.

Option #2: Get Faster Recovery

If your looking for a replacement for your water heater, a quick recovery water heater might be the way to go. This system uses two heating devices within your heater: one general heater at the bottom and another near the dispensing point. When the supply of hot water is depleted, a quick recovery unit heats smaller batches of water. This way, you’ll have hot water ready faster for your shower time.

Option #3: Using the Air

Heat pumps provide an entirely different concept of water heating. A heat pump works by drawing in surrounding air, heating it, then using the air to convert cold water into hot. This process conserves energy, it supplies a steady stream of hot water for your home. Try this electric heating system if you’re looking to replace your aging water heater.

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