Why Over-Tightening Plumbing Fixtures Is Dangerous

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Did You Know Over-Tightening Plumbing Fixtures Is Dangerous?

At Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing, we work hard on ensuring that the fixtures at your property are properly prepared and ready for use. We always ensure that we keep your accessories secure without being overly tight. This is to keep the plumbing fixtures you are operating with under control while being comfortable and easy to apply anywhere in your property.

You might think that you need to get everything in your place as tight as possible to ensure your plumbing features are working well. But at the same time, the risk involved with over-tightening plumbing fixtures can be significant. You are putting your plumbing features at risk when everything is too tight:

You may produce undue pressure on your plumbing system

By over-tightening your surface, you are making it easier for your place to stay active. The problem with intense pressure is that it might cause fatigue on your pipes. Pipe fatigue could make it so a pipe could burst from an unusual situation.

A lack of flexibility can be a problem

Keeping the fixtures sealed off without being too tight helps with keeping your connections from being rigid. A flexible setup should help you with keeping your pipe system from shaking or otherwise struggling to work well enough.

Condensation may not occur

Condensation is an issue for many plumbing systems. It’s a natural point that comes about as water moves through the plumbing setup. Condensation will not occur if the surface is too tight, which can be a threat. It makes it harder for the plumbing setup to stay soft enough to where clogs will be less likely to develop around your place.

A break is more likely to occur

There is an elevated risk of your plumbing fixtures breaking apart when surfaces are too tight. Because the surface has stayed intact for too long, there is an excellent chance that the surface will solidify and become harder to maintain. The solid body may become brittle after a while and could result in some leaks and other threats where you are. It could be a threat to your plumbing setup depending on how hard the surface might be.

Rust can also develop

The intense tightness may also make it so parts of your plumbing setup will not be exposed. These covered areas will develop rust, thus causing the place to wear out. It can take a while for the rust to create at your site, but this could be a dramatic issue depending on how well the rust comes about. Rust could spread through all the parts of your plumbing setup depending on how well the surface might work.

Over-tightening your plumbing fixtures can be risky and should be avoided. You can reach us at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing for help with getting your plumbing setups tightened to the right point where nothing will be at risk of harm.


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